Title                : “How to be a Smart Writer”

Author           : Afifah Afra (Yeni Mulati)

Publisher        : Indiva Media Kreasi

Year               : 2007

Composition   : 233 pp; 20.5 cm

Price               : Rp 22500.00

Want to be a famous writer like Asma Nadia, Helvy Tiana Rosa, Habiburrahman El Shirazy, A. Fuadi, Andrea Hirata or Afifah Afra? Everything requires a process that is not instant. Being a writer means enter the kingdom of the imagination. So many miracles can we found. The work of writings are the trail history of life and difficult to forget. Moreover, if the writing was developed into a short story (short story) or a long story (novel) and then published to the public. How useful knowledge or wisdom from the writings of us.

The book “How to be a Smart Writer” is written by a famous Indonesia’s writer, Afifah Afra. She has many books, such as “Bulan Mati di Javashe Orange”, the series “Ilalang”, “Seroja”, “Marabunta”, and a row of other Islamic fiction. Yap. As the alma mater at the same university with her, I was proud of his works are evocative. Inspiring and full of philosophy value.

In this book you will find ten reasons why Afifah Afra write, how to write short stories, novels, articles, and publish the work to create their own publishing. Of the myriad world of science writing that he had had for about 26 years was wrapped in a thick 233 page book. If you are less confident in raising a thousand ideas in writing, so this book becomes an inspiring solution.

“To be a professional writer, we must have some habits that will support our profession. Some habits that can be trained include: exercise your creativity, a lot of reading, writing diligently book (diary), correspondation, often discussion, take a closer look, familiar with the language, and enjoying life, “she said in developing the habit of writing.

In another chapter, you will understand the difference between making short stories, novels, and articles. “Dont stingy choose a word (diction) in writing short stories. Like a mother who chose jelly-law, or a man who wants to woo a girl to be his life companion,” she said. So, the short story has a more compact space than the novel. Here the author also needs to consider the elements of both short stories and novels builder. Equivalents, short stories and novels can be either fiction or non-fiction. Unlike the article, in an article needs to sing the facts or data that support the text.

At the end of the book, describes how to publish Afra Afifah writings. There are several methods, among others publish her own, sent to the media, and publishing books. The author is engaged in journalism and social NGOs, also issued tips how to publish a book (self publishing). This can be you know of publications that he had pushed with her dear husband, by the name of Afra Publishing, Creative Media Indiva (www.afrapublishing.blogspot.com/ ).

Still feel hesitant to write and publish it? This book is suitable as a practical guide for beginning writers who want to hone his abilities.

An Maharani Bluepen


“Qayyidul ilma bil kitaabah ..” (tie science to write it) :: Hasan Al Banna ::

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