Learning “Broken Heart” from Sayyid Qutb
By: Muhammad Pizaro Tauhidi

He is a brave scholar and Mujahid to break the hegemony of Egypt’s socialism. Growing up in the jungle of modern ignorance and motionless for contributing to its preservation.

Although it is pleasure to be in front of his eyes. Although the throne was ready seduce his body. The seats reserved for the world’s Sayyid Qutb unless he was willing to admit that the sovereignty of Islam is not yet final. Man-made system that is sacred path. Parlementarians an elegant look to build the triumph of life. But what Sayyed? He refused. For him, a sense of socialism, nationalism, democracy and even more bitter than debasement of the world: summary!

Sayyid Qutb refused to interpret the word of monotheism merely verbal confession that God is God. Doctorate of Letters from the Darul Uloom is more in-depth study the Qur’an, and he concludes that the meaning of unity is more than that.

For him unity was a necessity to run the package with the laws of God (read: hakimiyya tawhid) and refused to join the ranks of opposition unity. Make sense of unity in the gap between the two al-haqq al-falsehood and the absurdity of trying to put together the same line will not be able to bring Islam victorious. Although it is for “serious benefits propaganda”. Even if it was put on “clothes” of Islam. Sayyid already know the size of the “dress” what is fitting for him, none other than the acknowledgment of God as the only God and the obligation to heed the law of God with the mixing between positive law (read: man’s law). To awaken his brothers, to the extent that he should write a whole chapter in his book Dirosah Islamiyah, “Take Islam entirely or not at all!”

Sayyid Qutb, brother is not in general. He is not an easy brothers also driven. Flip through the interpretation of the Qur’an for the sake of the world. Sitting at a table with the enemies of his god, and came out with a decree that Islam should be interspersed with other isms. That’s like a shame people Prophet Muhammad. For him, the experience of researching and moral depravity of the education system in America has given the conclusion that Islam is the only way. For Qutb, the product of man-made law can never be entirely human-to-deliver Tauhidullah road. Parliament is the darkest room in the world, where when people enter it, he will get lost and hard to find the exit.

Egypt became furious. Countries with a cap Musolini Arabia’s taste, ask live Sayyid be terminated immediately. Whatever the risks. Sayyid is a bastard to the tyranny of secularism, but in the breeze and the soothing flavor jihadi impossible to change. “Welcome to death in Allah’s way, welcome to life eternal” Sayyed said in the seconds before the martyrdom on the scaffold.
Love traveling Sayyid Qutb: Fall and Rise Pick up God’s Mercy

But in a series of heroic story is Sayyid grow in natural human frame. Youth who have the intention to marry is plentiful, but the marriage by way of Islam and started the process through a single lane as a manifestation of sincere love to God is the minimum. Love to be two sides of a coin in his life: sadness and piety. But Sayyid Qutb remained strong, although she had twice fallen in love and heart broken twice.

As quoted from various writers who take the story of the life of Sayyid Qutb’s Love on a thesis about him, the love story of Qutb is running the first time when a girl came knocking on her door. He was the first girl that evokes longing for the link love Sayyid. Dew of love that comes from the village of birth. But three years since he had to keep her body from her idol to Cairo to study religion, the girl turned out to vote gave his love to others. Sayyid was shocked to hear this news. Could not help feeling sad, crying seguk unstoppable. Really understood what it was like giving up moisture leaving the first love ever fill the niche of his soul, which had catapulted up and unleash the potential of goodness. First love is beautiful, but the stabbing pain of heartburn to gape.

Dew second love was born, soothing and reviving the soul of Sayyid kerinduaan to link his love for the love of God. The second girl is from Cairo. About this girl that the Sayyid has described her face is not bad, but failed to say pretty. It seems there is another charm that captivated Sayyid so miss him. May look cool dew brought this love. Unfortunately, again, fate is not generous with the love of the Sayyid. On the day of her engagement, Sayyid as if struck by lightning, the article of the girl tearfully told that Sayyid was the second person in attendance dihatinya. Her words seemed to undermine the hopes of the Sayyid to get physical virgin girl, virgin heart.

Sayyid finally cut ties with Cairo girl, go take his body away from the dew of her love. Sayyid Goods may only move away, but his soul was not able to break the spell of the dew of love. And then what happened? Sayyid immersed in the suffering soul who always carried the name of love. Sadness mixed with longing was more excruciating than the scratches Sayyid wrenching his sword. Eventually Sayyid sacrificing idealism then go pick up and refer back to the girls that love moisture carrier. But unfortunately, this time the girl was refusing the Sayyid.

Sore abysmal sense of the turmoil experienced by Sayyid. There are a lot of poetry is born of suffering felt by the Sayyid. Even novels that created the shadow of the romance of love. This is the second event that makes the emotional wounds of the Sayyid. When love is lost hopes hang by the power of destiny. Sow gaping incised wound pain.

Sayyid Qutb, but not his name when he should be ruined because of his love of destiny crashing. With big hearts and attitudes towards destiny husnudzon God, without subjecting the grief that struck his heart, he said to his Own destiny “What the world does not provide the girl of my dreams? Or the marriage is not in accordance with the condition “. When love is missed never received it, he hung around his love for the One who has always loved her, that her love will never be interrupted, the eternal love. Her love of God. Yes, God. Release to him that he shed all his dreams of love and destiny are rejected, while others ran to pick up his destiny.

The remarkable thing is, Ash-Shaheed realized he was in reality. Not in an ideal world the only possessive, beautiful and without hindrance. If love did not want to accept it, let him find another, more powerful energy of love.

It turns out that energy is not far away from her life, God is energy which then took him to jail for 15 years. And in prison that he succeeded brilliantly written commentary Fi Dzhilalil Qur’an with love. Before finally be dying on the gallows. Own! With the bulk of love that has been spilled all to his Lord, only to his Lord.

Even in the novel spines in the Soul, written in 1947 before Sayyid Sayyid Qutb joined the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Sayyid successfully demonstrated his skill in word processing and presenting an intense conflicts with empathy, involving psychology and deep appreciation. It’s hard to stop reading for fear of losing feel that has been obtained. In this novel we are invited to feel one twists and turns of human feeling in a sense a process called love, love between people. We are invited to explore the inside of love and folly as well as magnetic pull. We are taught to be a true lover who is not afraid to proceed to change the flavor does not taste like love, hate into love.

“… Perhaps you hate something, but it is very good for you, and may be (too) ye love a thing, but it is very bad for you; Allah knows, while you do not know.” (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 216)

So deep and soft Sayyid Qutb in a play on words, the reader may need a clear mind to capture the base of the conflict. Quoting from the preface of this book, in this novel, Sayyid Qutb subtly and gently suggests how important a girl’s virginity, because once it is doubtful it will appear the conundrum. There is a feeling of humiliation and hurt like a thorn and can be a lifelong burden.

Reading this book will be a pleasure in itself. So many lessons implicit in every sense of the twists of the characters are presented: love, honesty, sincerity, sacrifice, surrender, and courage.


Problems Love: A Reflection

We may have equally felt just like Sayyid Qutb that there is a phase in our life when the mind, heart, feet, hands, and we are visited by the spirit of love. In fact we also had a taste of what all the happiness of life is determined from the standard of success in her human love. In the content is then turned into a contest of love that is often said some prison life as “Our lives are destroyed without success to conquer love.” Meanwhile, teenagers often say, “If you have a girlfriend, it will be more motivated to learn.” It is possible that there are curses that came out to the man or woman who has betrayed love.Ikhwatifillah, without realizing it turns out we’ve put something definitive to the man who is weak, people who just do not know the future itself!

When we started peddling hope, love and love to man, be assured ikhwah, there has been a disappointment, because the human capacity is limited. He can not be sure, the more so determines our destiny. Yet people are people with all their weaknesses. Adage, smart as a squirrel jump-padaninya eventually fall as well not just a saying in order to remind the human endeavor, because in fact, God has outlined the ability of the adage that humans long before the present. “And man was created in a weakened state.” (Surah An-Nisa [4]: 28).

“Allah has created you weak, then becomes stronger and stronger after you become weak and old.” (Surah Rum [30]: 54).

Even on the momentum the other verses, Allah openly identify with the human in a state that is so susceptible to heart. In surah to 70 verse 19, Allah said: “Truly man was created impatient complaints are”,

Does not end there, then Allah also explain more about the living things that will make us self-stimulated to quickly mengintropeksi, muhasabah, and returned to khittah love life, which is the word that reads the hose next two verses, “and when good he is very stingy” .

There are many variants of the onset of the problems of love, one heart of how we mismanage the cinta. Qolbu is an urgent area in life, to the Holy Prophet had issued a hadith that touch,

You know, actually there is a blood clot in the body. If he is good throughout the body would be good too. If it is damaged then the entire body will be damaged. Know that it is the heart.”

The multitude of men who fall in love and lust ruled out because we have no hope to other than Allah. Feel proud to put the verses of the divine as the second priority in addressing our problems.


One of the Key of Life Comfort How We Started From Being able to Moods Building

My brother, learned of the love story of Sayyid Qutb, believe that the heart is anxious, greedy, restless, dirty, and tired of living, because we have put worldly standards as a condition of ultimate happiness. We are willing to torture to live with the terms of the actual wahn we can not do. If we’re honest, all of it is actually far from the real source of happiness, the peace of mind for how we are always trying to close with God.

My brother, Al-Imam Ibn Qayyim rahimahullahu once said that “Not perfect but a servant hearts safety after surviving five cases: monotheism against polytheism, heresy which menyelisihi As-Sunnah, which menyelisihi lust orders, negligence and air dhikr menyelisihi menyelisihi sincere passion. “I have qalbun salim will always give priority to the afterlife than life world in which Allaah has prepared a place in heaven.

Brother, one of the key comforts of life starting from how we are able to build the mood. If our hearts and clean with full Ikhlash ketawadhuan, something that we consider to be humiliated in such a noble, that we had not turned out very pretty view, we see something small and helpless, turned into a very large and full of meaning, and what we see little , was too much. And that’s on everything from how we just depend on God and become God as the only substance that can make us get up after falling.

Now the question is whether we want to let go of the ideal size of our life, our pride for the choices away from the grip of our ability. Now, if we are willing to stop for a while removing our worldly attributes to appear one by one with God by telling the truth in front of the throne. If you dare, feel the coolness and tranquility there are streams that previously we did not feel. He was reassuring. He was able to change our paradigm of love, life, world, exams, and so that Sayyid Qutb sepertia same feeling. If we still do not budge, rest assured it is actually returned to us personally.

“So when the Day of Judgment has come. On the day when people will remember what he had done. And is shown clearly to hell with every one who sees. As for those who exceed the limits and prefer the real life world of the hell realm where he lives. And as for those who fear their Rabb greatness and refrain from sensual desires surgalah the real place of residence. “(Surat an-Naziat [79]: 34-42)

translated from:


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