Superman and Gatotkaca

Once upon time, there was an occasion that no one would suspect could happen. It was a time when Gatotkaca, a hero in Javanese puppet story, switched his body with Supermans.

Gatotkaca was flying in the sky of Manhattan when he saw a lady, named Louis Lane, falling from a building, the Daily Planet Building. He flew toward Louis Lane (LL), and grabbed her, the girl was shocked.

LL         : “You are not Superman. You are a mustache man wearing Superman clothes. You look ridiculous and you fly ridiculously. Why are you in that stand up position while you are flying? Aerodinamically, its not a good way to fly.”

Superman or should we wall him Superkaca started to talk slowly. I mean really-reallly slow.

SS        : “Eeeee…beautiful lady, You should stop talking”

Finally, Superkaca put LL in a safe place under the daily planet billboard, then he started to look at this clothes carefully.

SK       : “Eeeee.. what are theses? Why is this thing outside?”

LL      : “Who are you? Superman doesnt behave like you. And why is there always this Eeee…eee…every time when you’re starte talking?”

SK       : “Eeee…Do you always talk much? I think I know what have caused this mess.”

LL       : “What??” (She prompted)

While they were having a little argument  that was relatively very small to cause the beginning of World War III, there was an accident that occured on the street under the daily planet building. Superkaca felt that he had to safe the victim first.Baaammmmm! The accident sounded very loudly.

SK       : “Eeee….duty is calling”

Superkaca flew in his free standing style and Bammm! He hit the daily planet’s building

LL       : “I told you, It’s not good fly with that style.”

In another place, there was Superman, the real Superman awaken from his sleep.

SS        : “Oh, Good! I think I should leave my idea of getting a mustache.”


= Problems on Wordiness =


TIM ILT Learning. 2008. Cara Gampang Belajar Toefl Grammar 2. Yogyakarta: Andi

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