Ali and The Genie

 Ali was walking alone in a cave and noticed a lamp, an old lamp, sitting on a rock.

Ali                   : “What is this? It looks old but is still beautiful. If I scrub it, it may release a genie or something like the famous stroy of Aladdin.”

Ali scrubbed the lamp and indeed suddenly a bautiful genie came out.

Genie              : “Good Afternoon, dear boy. Thank you for releasing me. You..”

Ali                   : “Sorry to interrupt, but it iss still nine o’clock in the morning. We are in the cave.”

Genie                : “Who cares? It looks the same. Thank you. By the way, but I have to go clean my self. I haven’t taken a bath for 1000 years.”

Ali                   : “No wonder suddenly it becomes very smelly.”

Genie              : “Say that again, boy?!”

Ali                   : “Sorry, but don’t you suppose to give me three wishes for me?

Genie              : “So, you heard the story?”

Ali                   : “Yes, I did. It’s a great story. Regardless the smelly thing.”

Genie              : “Say that again and you will lose your wishes.”

Ali                   : “Ok.. I was kidding.”

Genie              : “Now mention your wishes. Three wishes.”

Ali                   : “Come on, you should give me more. This is for the readers. You should give me more wishes to give them more exercises.”

Genie              : “Ok. Five wishes.”

Ali                   : “Mmm.First, I wish that I were rich and famous.”

Genie              : “Fulfilled.”

Ali                   : “Wow, look at me. With this money, I can buy all Bill Gates and George Soros companies stocks. Second, I wish that I had a brain like Einstein.”

Genie              : “Fulfilled.”

Ali                   : “Wow, relativity..What is time exactly? I can beat the time with an amazing speed, more than the speed of light. And by the way Electrons emitted from radioactive substances have speeds close to the speed of light, so that the value of beta, for example, might be as large as 0.5 and the mass the electron doubled. The mass a rapidly moving…

Genie              : “Stop it!! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Ali                     : “Of course, that was my brain speaking. And the third wish, I wish that I could speak all languages.”

Genie              : “Fulfilled.”

Ali                   : “Sugeng enjang, everybody..Arigatoo gozaimasu for xie-xie amor. Ohh..My good, I even can hear an ant says “Is that a real genie? She’s pretty but very smelly.”

Genie              : “Drop it boy!!”

Ali                   : “Hahaha..Sorry. Ok. My fourth wishes, I wish that I became the most handsome person in this world.”

Genie              : “Fulfilled.”

Ali                   : “Wait, I want to see my reflection on the water. Oh My God, This face will surely make Bradd Pitt and Jhonny Depp jealous. And all the girls will want as their husband.”

Genie              : “Not me.”

Ali                   : “Are you sure?”

Genie              : “Positive.”

Ali                   : “Ok, the my last wish..I wish that you were my wife.”

Genie              : “Fulfilled.”

Ali                   : “Look, we wear the same ring and this is our marriage paper. But why suddenly I feel like the way I am. I mean I feel stupid, and why can’t I hear the ants again? Wait my face!! I….I….Iam me! Oh, Noo!!

Genie              : Yes boy, You see I am not a genie anymore because of your last wish. Because of that, all your wishes are avolished, except your last wish. But I think I can abolish that wish by my self. I want a dovorce.”

Ali                   : “Wait, No..No..Don’t do that.”

The former genie left the boy in the cave alone.

🙂 😉

= Problems on Wish =


TIM ILT Learning. 2008. Cara Gampang Belajar Toefl Grammar 2. Yogyakarta: Andi

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Penyuka biru langit dan purnama. Ingin menjadi seorang Ibu yang baik bagi anak-anaknya kelak :)

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  1. Na'imah Awan says:

    mba’ ania ini sudah luluskah???

    bener2 fasih english nya…,

    jurusan apa mbak di Undip?.,

  2. ndak, mbakyu..An angkatan 2007 ^^
    Siip…tetap semangat, yaaaa….semoga sukses, deh..mbak Na’im boleh tukar no.Hp? hoho

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