My Lovely Brother

Hercule           : “What are you doing?”

Sherlock         : “I am studying for final exam.”

Hercule           : “Oh, That’s good. The more you study, the better you will do in the exam. By the way, do you have any plan tonight? I want to see the Audio Slave concert. I’ve already bought two tickets.

Sherlock         : “No, I don’t. But I have to finish my studying first.”

Hercule           : “I hope that you will finish soon. The concert begins at 19.00 and it’s already 18.00 o’clock. The faster you finish your studying, the sooner we will go to the concert.”

Sherlock         : “For a brother you are not helping me much. What has happened with “the more you study, the better you will do in the exam”?”

Hercule           : “Did I say that? That’s surely not me. Right now I would say that the more you study, the less we have the chance to get the best place to watch the concert.

Sherlock         : “I would say too that the more you talk, the later I will finish my studying.”

Hercule           : “Fine..fine..I’ll wait in the car.”

Sherlock         : “Oh, Good..!”

😉 😉

= Problems on Comparison=


TIM ILT Learning. 2008. Cara Gampang Belajar Toefl Grammar 2. Yogyakarta: Andi

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