Please, Don’t Eat Me

Miss. Marie was a teacher in a preschool when she got pregnant with her first child. Day after day her belly got bigger dan bigger so that she had to walk slowly.
Miss Marie : “Good morning, Children.”
Students : “Good morning, Miss Marie.”

Suddenly one of the students asked Miss Marie.
Mitha : “Why is your belly getting bigger, Miss?”
Because her students were kids, she decided to them no lie.
Miss Marie : “I had a boy inside my belly my dear.”

Suddenly Harry, one of the children, jumped off his chair and ran out. He looked very scared. Miss Marie could not do anything about it and the other students can’t either. When Harry came to school the next day, he was with the mother. Miss Marie approached them.
Miss Marie : “Harry, what caused you run yesterday?”
With no expression the boy gave his answer.
Harry : “Oh, I thought that you liked to eat boys, Miss.”
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= Problems on Connectors =
TIM ILT Learning. 2008. Cara Gampang Belajar Toefl Grammar 2. Yogyakarta: Andi

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