[M] enulis [E] nergi [I] nspirasi

All praise to Alloh, which has provided the opportunity to write An for the always enterprising, find a community of writers in the  FLP (Forum Lingkar Pena) on the training of SWC (Super Wrting Camp) in Mijen, 19-20 May 2012 . The theme of the show is quite interesting, “Banjir Kata, Gempa Literasi” A lot of inspirational speakers who deliver motivational messages to always produce works that “enlightening.” Forty participants were quite enthusiastic here, consisting of various age levels, and different educational backgrounds . Starting from high school, college, college graduates, workers, to housewives. Tremendous enthusiasm. Belonging to an older, I feel look ‘younger’ to join them. The first experience is valuable, while hanging out with other writers.^ ^

About FLP

FLP is a container for prospective authors who would like to be a writer and interested in the world of authorship. The Chairman of the FLP Semarang, Perangin Aziz Shah-Wind introduces the general profile and profile FLP FLP Semarang in particular. FLP was born on February 22, 1997, developed by Helvy Tiana Rossa with other senior writers. In fact, Taufiq Ismail once commented, “The establishment of the FLP is phenomenal. FLP is God’s gift to Indonesia.” Factory writer of this story has a vision and mission is quite clear.
Vision: To become an organization that provides enlightenment.
Mission: 1. Improve the quality and production work of members
2. Build a network of Muslims through the community of writers.
3. Promote a culture of reading.
4. Fighting for a better life for the author.

Thing that distinguishes the organization FLP with the container community of other writers is the purpose of the FLP itself, namely to produce works of authorship that enlighten as well as invite others in goodness (propaganda). So the intention of writing is grounded by the worship of the Almighty in gratitude and give ‘enlightenment’ / inspiration to always remember Him, and doing all the good activity.

FLP Semarang was born in 2000, spearheaded by the Afifah Afra. At that time she has been active as a writer during the lecture at Diponegoro University, majoring in Biology. Into a pride, when I discovered her alma mater, the same one with me. A little story, I ever read her book, “How to be a smart writer.” The book is very inspiring, evocative someone is always eager to write. Currently she has his own publisher named Indiva Kreasi. Afifah Afra actually want to come to the event SWC, but her child was sick, so the speaker replaced by Yossi Meilani.

Different background? It’s no problem!

There are interesting things I took from exposure Yossi Meilani. One time, she wanted to publish non-fiction book ‘Hunting partner’ but repeatedly failed to be accepted by the publisher. Nevertheless, the spirit of struggle did not disappear just like that. She had full confidence and high courage to publish books achieve a dream. In fact, his background is in stark contrast the Electrical Engineering Education. In a move to the next publisher, she finally managed to publish a book first though to be edited in advance for a month.

Her message to young writers is stay with a strong belief and don’t be afraid of failure. Her words are very inspiring, “Writing is like filling water in a bottle of water. If filled with water, then it was water-white. Filled with coffee, the coffee water contents as well. Similarly, the brain is filled with nutrient readings, it will be easy to remove the words of science.

Her profession as a housewife is aweful. Muslim clothing drive her sewing skills to be a true entrepreneur in the city of Pekalongan. I wanna silaturahiim to her house ^ ^. At the end of the discussion, Alhamdulillah, I get a book of his memories. Very glad to get the first book of her. I think, Yossi Meilani an energetic writer with a nice spirit.


Quantum Rewards of Writing

Before Yossi Ma’am, there is an interesting science treats of Agus M.Irkham. He is alumnus of Undip, you know, the pimred Edents. Author of ‘Earthquake Literacy’ reveals the interesting side of the use of the word in social networking and discussion. When it’s already been in the ‘Do More Talk More Era’. The impact of social networking virtual world reached 43.06 million fesbuk account in Indonesia (more than Canadians!), And 19.5 million Twitter accounts. From here, an author can share your status via provide inspirational writings, notes, photos (flickr), videos (youtube), and discussion forums. Every activist social networks have the opportunity to share the goodness in writing to obtain quantum infinite reward. The proof, the status of cultural-inspiring status Prie GS successfully recorded and inspired many people.

Writing is an expression of gratitude for enlightening us. Agus describes the struggle of journalists Jean Dominique Bauby who was named in the face of the stroke that she could not write by hand. Despite the limitations of writing, he is able to share your knowledge with the blink of an eye. Like the motto of Morse with a wink, he compiled a book called ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.’ Jean journey eventually filmed. If in Indonesia, we can learn from Gola Gong, Pipit Senja, and Asma Nadia who have given examples of the struggle beyond the physical limitations of writing 🙂

Why do I write? Of course, there are many reasons someone wants to write. According to Agus, a writer is the driving factor for economic reasons (to be easy to charity), sociology (so you can easily communicate), ideology (so you can easily understand the views and uphold religious values). There’s nothing wrong if an author best-selling book mengiginkan alias sold, then became famous. But remember, any good that is given through the work will be rewarded for a writer royalties. As an unlimited useful knowledge as the hereafter. Still remember the law of useful science, right? Rewards will continue to flow throughout the ages.

The first key to writing is reading, then write it to heart, and correct them with a clear mind. Start writing about things that are lightweight, and daily activities are performed. The more you rush, the more the idea of conceptual and contextual reading is obtained.

Understanding “All Praise to Alloh SWT” with Sahabat Mata

Still associated with the motivation to write. An inspiration this time another friend of the Sahabat Mata, a collection of great people who have extraordinary talent. Although they can not feel the light around, they are able to provide light for us. You know guys, they can change the mindset of mind possessed by stating deficiencies as an excess to be thankful for. There Mr. Basuki as the main inspiration in the evening (19/05), along with three associates; Robiyanto, Sufyan, and Syarifudin. They recounted the struggle of life to always be grateful for that phase of life has been governed by the Almighty.

If the eye can not see anything, then let ‘something’ that speaks to us.”

How they enjoy the visually impaired? Is the time to solve every problem? Interestingly, Sahabat Mata  answered that question with a slick song lyric. The solution is “Insha Allah”. Consciousness and sincerity to abide by the rules of the Creator. That is, let’s move to seek a solution, rather than waiting for time to complete silence. Because time never help us to solve the problem. We are obliged to move to find a solution. Remember, with no difficulty there is relief. Yes.Ease after difficulty comes not, but he was hand in hand with difficulty. So, any problems come up, we are required to complete and ready to face the next problem.

Right thinking or positive thinking?

The second verse makes me tingle. Time is about the prayer to Allah greengrocer, to facilitate the provision of buyer to pay off her debt. There was no verbal abuse or emotions that rule. A vegetable trader could have a true mind, follow the rules of Allah SWT. They sang, “Is there a more expensive price of Paradise meeting with Allah and smile?”

Improve Your Short Storie^^

One program that deplete SWC thought and effort this time is to make as much as 8-12 page short story for the night! An is used to write short stories, but if it’s as close to deadline, still, still doubt feels complete. The theme of short stories about local Semarangan. Stories had previously been made. But it feels weird if made in the same story. An overhauled the composition of short stories, just add a page. The committee provides a sheet of paper as a medium portfolio. Fishing all night full of ideas for writing stories, but ultimately did not hold as well. My eyes are only five watts. Half an hour later very tired finally resumed at half-past three.

An earnestness in making a short story this time was less than optimal. Was either sleepy, tired, or hungry. Hoho .. I also not used to staying up all night. Moreover, if writing, not like if it should be enforced. But every effort has been issued “the power of kefefet”, and short stories have not been feasible to load. Despite failing, An still excited!

Welcome to FLP Ngaliyan ^ ^

In contrast to last year, this time held in the FLP SWC beautiful elementary school in District IT Nation Mijen Light. FLP Ngaliyan take turns to host the SWC. The committee is very complex, both of whom had known An earlier; Ms. Titi (teacher’s SDIT) and Ms. Siti Mu’awanah (my bestfriend in FB). Not unexpectedly, was chairman of the FLP Ngaliyan is Ms. Siti Mu’awanah who like to be called Ni’am Awan 🙂

It feels good to get together FLP Semarang community, particularly the FLP Ngaliyan this branch. There, we can knit dream to become a writer. The author is not just writing, but always active to provide enlightenment.

Thank you for all ..
Spirit….Keep Writing, yaa ^ ^

An Maharani Bluepen
01 Rajab 1433 H

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Penyuka biru langit dan purnama. Ingin menjadi seorang Ibu yang baik bagi anak-anaknya kelak :)

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