a nice picture 😀 what is purpose in my life? I wanna a useful people (menjadi hamba-Nya yang bermanfaat..) insya Allah, aamiin..
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Passionate Learner

 A friend texted me and asked, “What is actually your purpose of living?”

I was about to reply it before suddenly I realize I didn’t have (yet) such ‘exact’ answer for this complicated question.

I don’t think that she is asking about my aspiration, which is someway easier to explain, to describe, to define. I could think of being an inspiring future teacher, a pious and devoted wife for my (future) husband, or a great mom for my (future) children. I could actually think of being a successful person in the future, or many others. But I don’t think that’s all she wanted to know. I just think that she was actually demanding more explanation, more justification on the goal I’m living my life. Yes, it is ultimate goal she is questioning; it is what she is wondering about.

I feel somewhat uneasy. I just see my self an idiot…

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Penyuka biru langit dan purnama. Ingin menjadi seorang Ibu yang baik bagi anak-anaknya kelak :)

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